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Share your Watson Groen/Shoreline Christian School story with us as we celebrate 65 steadfast years during 2017 and 2018.


We’re a great school for your children — here’s why.


I worry about a lot of things — but my kids’ education isn’t one of them.

The moment we left the high school open house in 2015, we knew our son would fit in well at Shoreline Christian. We saw such an open and encouraging environment, where students seemed to be deeply engaged in learning, but also seemed to genuinely like each other and have strong relationships with their teachers. Four years later, as our son moves toward graduation, not only has his high school experience been one of exploration, growth, and belonging, but we’ve also seen our four daughters thrive at SCS as well.

Now, with students in all four schools (Early Learning, Elementary, Middle, and High School), our family has become firmly rooted in this community. We’ve shared so many wonderful experiences with this diverse group of people, building relationships that go far beyond the classroom and will no doubt extend far into the future. At the heart of their education and learning is a hopeful curiosity about the world, as they are continually inspired to explore their own unique gifts and interests as members of a loving community. We, as parents, are continually encouraged by our teachers who have a deep desire to cultivate spiritual and personal growth in our children. As they are challenged to master key subjects and stretched to achieve their fullest potential, they are also seen as whole people who are not just simply valued for their accomplishments.

As a family, we are deeply invested in SCS because we believe that the holistic education our children are receiving is shaping them into people who will thrive and make positive contributions in this world. We’re deeply invested in SCS because we want more students and families to discover, be shaped by, and help shape this community that values and celebrates God’s goodness in the diverse gifts each student has to share with the world.

— Debbie Filbrun, SCS parent


You don’t spend 40 years in one job unless you love it.

In May of 1977, I graduated with a vertical certification in PE from Dordt College, so I was looking to teach PE from K-12th. Watson Groen Christian School (now Shoreline Christian School) had just built a brand new gym and was hiring a PE teacher for the first time. I was very excited to be able to start a new program from the ground up and put my own stamp on it. My wife Colett had visited the area on a Dordt College band tour and loved Seattle. So when SCS (originally Watson Groen Christian) offered the contract, we packed up the cat, dog, and U-haul and headed west. That was August of 1977, and I’ve been working here ever since.

What I love about SCS is the close-knit community of teachers and students. My own children grew up in the school. With sports and extracurriculars, we often spent 8-10 hours a day at the school. I had full trust and confidence in a staff that showed integrity, faith, and a commitment to Christian education. Even today, our adult children remain close to many of their classmates. We believed in Church-School-Family as a three-legged stool, with each part helping to strengthen and support our kids. We could always count on the teachers and faculty of SCS to help us raise our children to be faithful, Christlike servants who would go out and live that in today’s world. I personally learned so much from the older teachers at school, all of whom helped me shape my own faith and what it meant to be a Christian school teacher in a big city.

So why would I be willing to work 40 years at SCS? Because here, I can make a difference in students’ lives. This school has challenged me to be a better teacher and to never stop learning. SCS celebrates the whole child and gives opportunities for them to flourish. We have amazing kids who care about learning, who love Christ, and who care about each other. I get paid to to do what I love.

— Daryl Broekhuis, physical education teacher


From student to staff.

Back in Arizona, the preschool principal had the amusing duty of predicting the life trajectory of each pint-sized student. What did my future supposedly hold? According to my principal, I would become the first woman president of the United States. Quite a lofty legacy for a three-year-old.

Flash-forward a decade, 1500 miles, and 3 schools. My older brother, Nathan, became the 2002 student body president at Shoreline Christian School. And, true to my preschool principal's prophecy, six years later in 2008, I also became student body president. Nathan was in Shiloh and Jazz Band and National Honors Society, and so was I. We had the same teachers, friends in the same families, and a mother who taught us both at the same school.

I may not ever become the leader of the United States, but I had the opportunity to serve my school and my community, just like my brother did. That commonality will always link us, even when time and distance and service keep us apart for years at a time.

It's a small thing, in the end. Two names on a wall. But that's a cornerstone of my history, it's a piece — one of many — that makes SCS so important. Shoreline Christian was, and is, my home. And I will continue to serve it to my utmost ability now that I’m a member of the Shoreline Christian staff.

— Emily Womelsduff, class of 2008, marketing & communications manager

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