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Share your Watson Groen/Shoreline Christian School story with us as we celebrate 65 steadfast years during 2017 and 2018.

A Family of Presidents - Emily Womelsduff (Class of '08)

Back in Arizona, when I was in preschool, the principal had the fun duty of predicting the life trajectory of each pint-sized student. What did my future supposedly hold? According to my principal, I would become the first woman president of the United States. Quite a lofty legacy for a three-year-old.

Flash-forward a decade, 1500 miles, and 3 schools. My older brother, Nathan, becomes the 2002 student body president at Shoreline Christian School. And, true to my preschool principal's prophecy, six years later in 2008, I also became student body president. Nathan was in Shiloh and Jazz Band and National Honors Society, and so was I. We had the same teachers, friends in the same families, and a mother who taught us both at the same school.

My brother left to serve in the military when I was fifteen, and I only see him once every 3-4 years, often only for a few days at a time. Since graduating, I've lived all over Seattle, L.A., Nashville, and even England, never settling anywhere for more than a year or two before moving on. But every time I come back home, I visit SCS, sometimes just popping in to say hello to the teachers and staff, sometimes to see a concert or game or play. And even after all these years, I still become emotional every time I see my name on the same plaque as my brother's, engraved on the list of SCS presidents. I may not ever become the leader of the United States, but I had the opportunity to serve my school and my community, just like my brother did. That commonality will always link us, even when time and distance and service keep us apart for years at a time.

It's a small thing, in the end. Two names on a wall. But that's a cornerstone of my history, it's a piece -- one of many -- that makes SCS so important, and it's what draws me back year after year no matter how far away I wander. SCS was my home. SCS is still my home. And I will continue to serve it the best I can.

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